About Bearings

"Bearings, as its name suggest, are made to bear the load of the shaft attached to the motor and as shaft moves along with the motor it helps in generating the power. Its basic purpose is smooth movement of the shaft & to stop its friction so as to protect motor from being worn out and to enhance smooth functioning of the motor."

Product & Range

We are engaged in manufacture of various kinds of Sleeve bearings known as End Shield Type and as pedestal type Bearings. We are also manufacturing bushes, sealing rings, oil rings & complete assembly. The organization started in 1972 for BHEL. Since then our company has been continuously progressing in product variety & turnover and it has not looked back. In the past we have developed & manufactured more than 600 products for BHEL & other organizations. We are presently concentrating on the following products.

Bearing assembly with oil jacking system of 220 mm dia   Various types of engineering castings such as (Explosion Chamber, Brush holder, Silicon Cylinder, Top cap, Exhaust housing & flanges)   Bearing assembly of 280 mm dia
Bearing assembly of 280 mm dia   Russian design pedestal bearing of dia 300 x 160 x 255 mm long
Set of big aluminium table with 4 chairs in white colour, ckd type exported to west Germany   Set of small aluminium table with 3 chairs in black colour, ckd type exported to west Germany.
Oil Rings for Lubrication (Different Dimensions)   Sealing Ring (Outer and Innner) Labyrinth Seal   Thrust Bearing Pads
Journal Bearing Bush (Large Dia)   Babbitted Bush with Oil RIng   Babbitted Bearing Bush
(Dia 250*160)
Guide Bearing Pad Segment        
End Shield Bearing Assembly   Babbitt Axle Bearings
(Dia 165 and Dia 253)

Range Of Product


  • Bi-Metal Bearings for Railway traction motors, steam turbines, water turbines etc.
  • Journal Bearings
  • Journal Bearings with Jacking Oil Pump
  • Bearings with Dodge Design and other designs
  • Guide Bearings for Hydro Turbines
  • Bi-Metal Bearings designed to meet customerís requirements


  • Large Non Ferrous Bushes
  • Bi-Metal Bushes
  • Spare Liners/Bushes


  • Guide Bearings Pads
  • Thrust Pads for hydro generators


  • Bearing re-conditioning
  • Rebabbitting of Bearing Liners


  • Sealing Rings (Labyrinth)
  • Oil Rings
  • Cover Plate
  • Shims


  • Non-Ferrous Heat Treated & Machined Castings in sand die and centrifugal moulds in copper & aluminum based alloys
  • High Conductivity copper castings and forgings (Forged Copper Terminals etc.)


  • Railway Traction Generator Frames & Shafts
  • Transmission line accessories and fittings
  • Master Controller for Railways including power finger
  • Heavy Fabrication

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